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Let’s Plan to Go Places

Our Process

Step 1:

Pop the Hood

It all begins with that first conversation.

We use a brief questionnaire to “pop the hood” and take a look at all of the vital numbers that help determine your current financial status, including your household budget, tax situation and savings plan.

Step 2:

Develop Your “Owner’s Manual”

Based on what we discussed previously, we’ll calculate a target for what you’ll need to reach your future goals. 

Then, we'll take that information and develop a strategy that is individually tailored to you. Think of it as your own “owner’s manual,” an information source that supports making well-informed decisions that help keep you on track in the drive to reach your objectives.

Step 3:

Shift Into Gear

Once we are in agreement as to how to proceed, it is time to put the plan into action.

We’ll utilize all the tools at our disposal, including:

  • Budget planning/savings allocation
  • Investment allocation
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Retirement distribution analysis
  • Insurance strategies
  • Legacy planning/philanthropy

We’ll plan for different financial scenarios and direct our efforts to the places where they can provide the most benefit. We’re also ready to work with you to create an investment portfolio that matches up to your goals and objectives. We’ll establish measurement “mile markers” that line up directly with your needs, and your feelings about risk and reward. Finally, through our collaboration, we’ll make sure your roadmap is easy to understand, transparent in its intent, and optimized to help provide for the future you desire.

Step 4:

Check for Road Signs

We know that situations arise, priorities change and life happens.

Accordingly, recommended adjustments are made based on changes in the market, government regulations and tax laws. Through a constant review of your progress against milestones, a variety of possible strategies and tactics for improvement of performance can be evaluated and implemented. As long as we continue to work together, the process of refining and rebalancing provides the best assurance that your goals will be attained.

Excited to Get Behind the Wheel?

Ready? Set? Go!