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Fueling Your Financial Future

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

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You Determine the Financial Destination,

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Discover Who We Are & What We’re About

We're a financial planning firm for professionals and retirees. Services include:

  • Goals Based Planning - Retirement, College, New Home, and More
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Cash Flow Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Social Security Timing
  • Optimizing Insurance
  • Behavioral Coaching


You only get one lifetime to generate the financial security you desire, and most people know that a financial plan is necessary to have that comfortable future... 

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However, many people are rightfully intimidated by the wide array of choices in how to put their money to work, and how to know they’re going in the right direction. Personal finance, and making sure you have the right plan for yours, is a road filled with detours and obstacles. One small choice may impact many other big decisions further down the road. Prosperity Wealth Planning is in the business of taking the complex and making it easy to understand.


We believe that the trust earned by being transparent is key to any relationship. We place a high value on our client relationships and on the financial wisdom we seek to instill in each client…

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Our website is a reflection of our overall philosophy of transparency. Frequent updates and blog posts provide timely information on topics including planning and investing. Regular correspondence to all clients helps ensure you are up to speed on your financial plan. Think of this website as an instrument panel, and the content as a set of gauges to help you know everything that is going on in your financial vehicle.


Watching the joy felt as clients achieve goals they've set for themselves is why we do what we do. Your progress is our progress. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals...

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We come to work every day and check how we are doing against the goals and objectives of our clients. We live by the creed that there is no “best” - we can always improve in some way. We bring that drive to our clients to help them succeed, and therefore, achieve their dreams. Whether it is for your own secure future, or taking care of your family, or any other dreams you have, we are here to set you up for success.

Our Personal Service

Meets Today’s Technology Titans

We offer our clients individualized Financial Planning and Investing Advice, developed through personal attention and a relationship built on trust, transparency and communication. As a result of our collaboration with industry-leading large established institutions, we are able to access cutting-edge tools and resources needed to create a comprehensive financial plan that prepares you for every stop on life’s journey.

Our Trusted Partners Include: