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You Determine the Financial Destination

We’ll design a roadmap to get you there

We believe that financial planning is the key to a positive, satisfying future, where “hoped for” turns into "successfully achieved”

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

We start with a detailed analysis of your current financial situation to define your starting point. Next, we work closely with you to define and prioritize your financial goals. Once we know where you are, and where you wish to go, financially, we take that information and consolidate it into your own customized plan, including the steps you’ll need to take. Your financial plan also includes a detailed investment plan that details strategies to help achieve your goals. To make sure we stay on plan, we hold individual meetings called Prosperity Planning Sessions. These sessions allow us to review your current financial situation and make adjustments as indicated by changes to your goals, the economic environment or other unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

You feel like you want to manage your own investments but would like some help planning out and defining your financial future. We will meet with you to determine your current financial situation and examine potential areas of opportunity and challenges. We’ll ask you to describe what’s important to you, and what you hope to accomplish, to help prioritize your goals. We’ll present you with your own detailed, specific, and actionable financial plan that includes clear direction on the steps to take, and when to take them.

A La Carte Services

If you desire to call your own shots with your investments and planning but feel the need to get a professional opinion, we also offer a la carte counseling. Our planners meet with you to understand your needs and provide guidance on how to maximize the outcome.