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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Fiduciary? What does that mean?

Yes, we are.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Fiduciary simply means that we have an ethical obligation to always act in the best interests of our clients, and to always place our clients' best interests before our own. Fiduciary also means that we must provide financial advice that is sound, accurate and free from conflicts of interest. Furthermore, fiduciaries are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to their clients, and must strive to transact on behalf of their clients in a manner that is as efficient and as low-cost as possible.  

Why should I hire you instead of doing this myself?

Why hire any professional? You look for expertise and counsel from a fully certified professional with financial objectivity and the experience to navigate the market while keeping your goals top of mind.  From our initial meeting, we work closely with you to understand your hopes, dreams, and goals. We truly believe that everyone needs a financial plan and is best served by working with a trusted and qualified financial advisor -- someone who can see blind spots you may not have considered. We want to help you make the right decisions today, to provide for a better tomorrow.

Who is a typical client?

Our typical client profile: You’re smart with your money, a good saver, and looking to balance living a good life today while keeping one eye on tomorrow and your retirement.  Rather than trying to do this yourself, you’d rather use your time actually living and enjoying the present. You want to delegate the detailed financial work to an expert who can help you achieve all of your financial goals.

I don’t live in Southern California - can I still work with you?

You certainly can.  Today’s technology allows us to be everywhere we need to be – either virtually, or in person. All you would need is a web browser and an Internet connection. If you happen to live in the Southern California area, we are happy to meet in person at our office. Or, if you are in North Texas, we can also meet in person there.  Otherwise, if the physical distance is too much to overcome, we can meet with you on the phone, or utilize a video call. Our clients know that their email will get a quick response as well.  

Do I pay for the first meeting?

No. Our first meeting is free. This initial consultation is a working session where we hope to provide value to you from the very beginning. Plan on bringing your financial questions with you.

What is the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation?

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® designation is recognized for its (1) high standard of professional education; (2) stringent code of conduct and standards of practice; and (3) ethical requirements that govern professional engagements with clients. Only those who have fulfilled the certification requirements of the CFP® Board can display the CFP® certification marks, which represent the pinnacle of competency, ethics and professionalism.

How do you get paid?

We believe that there is a significant conflict of interest in any situation where an advisor stands to gain financially from the purchase of any product he or she recommends to their clients. Therefore, we act as a fiduciary and do not accept any commissions.  

What are the fees?

Investment Management Fees

$0 – $500,0001.25%
$500,000 – $1 Million1%
$1 Million+0.50%

Financial Planning Fees

$1,000 – $2,000 (waived if managing investment assets)

Annual advisory fees are negotiable but normally range from 0.50%-1.25% (see our Form ADV2 and your Investment Management Agreement for details).

How often will we meet?

Once the initial planning work is completed, and a working plan is in place, we consult with you to decide how often you would like to schedule reviews. Generally, we would like to meet - either in person or virtually - two to three times a year.